Modified Formula


Modified Formula

This path allows for slight changes to our standard formulas. We generally allow for up to 2 ingredient changes. This is a good fit for companies that like the characteristics of a standard formulation, but may need a custom flavor or a couple of ingredients added to fit their brand or message.  The active ingredients and viscosity will remain the same. Modified formulations take longer than standard formulations, but can generally be turned around with minimal R&D iterations.

  • Make minimal changes to existing formulas
  • Allows for custom ingredients, scents and flavors
  • Quicker than full custom

How it Works

1. Speak with a New Client Advisor

Modified formulas are changes to our Private Label Formulas. Up to two ingredients can be changed or altered to create the modified formula. Our client advisor will listen to what you need and review the process and pricing.

2. Start Working with a Chemist

Our new client advisor will connect you with a chemist. They will review with you  the ingredient/s you wish to add to our private label products and explain the formulation process.

3. Revise and Perfect

After developing the new formula, you will receive samples to verify the product and the product will be revised if needed. We offer 2 complimentary revisions The new product will then be reviewed by our quality team to ensure that it meets all quality specifications.

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