Private Label Products

Standard Formula

We offer a wide variety of standard formulas that are already proven in the marketplace. These are ready-to-go products, along with recommended containers and label templates, that require minimal time and effort in order to create a finished, branded product.


  • Choose from existing formulas
  • Lowest cost
  • Fastest turnaround

Private Label Program

Our Private Label program allows our customers to select a variety of high quality skin care and health care products so they can focus on the front end of the business such as distribution, marketing, and sales.

In terms of skincare, our team has a full understanding of the products that will be most effective for different skin types, and that are a good fit with our client's concepts. We work with each client individually to determine which products will best meet the needs of their brand, and develop custom formulations specific to that client's brand.

Start Today... Simply browse our product catalog with popular, in-demand products and request a quote. Depending on your product desires a standard product may be most cost effective for your brand.

Private Label Request

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