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Manufacturing health and beauty products, like many other consumer products, is an involved and complicated process with many steps to be completed along the way. Elite Health Partners goes to great lengths to ensure that quality is prioritized throughout the manufacturing process.


Our manufacturing process actually begins long before any ingredients are in-process for production. Elite Health Partner's purchasing agents have the daunting but rewarding task of finding the best source for hundreds of ingredients on a continual basis.

Due to the highly variable nature of natural ingredients, supply chains are constantly changing for many different reasons, so our purchasing agents are always looking for new sources, and comparing raw material quality to ensure we’re always obtaining the best materials currently available. Quality products require quality ingredients, and our world-class purchasing agents make it happen every day.


Once our raw materials and ingredients are purchased, these materials are shipped to our manufacturing facilities, where our Receiving department takes over. Receiving performs a number of critical steps that ensure only the best ingredients and components make it through the door:

  • They physically inspect truck trailers for tell-tale signs of poor quality, utilizing the senses of sight, smell and touch, which can help give an early indication that a shipment doesn’t meet our stringent quality standards.
  • Receiving matches documents from Purchasing to shipping documents to ensure that we’re receiving the right raw materials at the appropriate quantities from the correct supplier.
  • Receiving notifies our Quality Assurance technicians, who will then sample incoming raw materials for the purpose of performing specific scientific analyses to confirm attributes such as identity, purity, and strength.


With increasingly complex global supply chains, it’s more important than ever to be able to trace an ingredient or component back to its original source.

We document not only an ingredient’s country of origin, but the location where the ingredient was processed and/or manufactured as well. At Elite Health Partners, we understand the importance of traceability, and we take the necessary steps to document both the manufacturing location, the country of origin , and Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for all ingredients and components used in our products.


Once our ingredients are received, our quality team begins testing to verify their identity and purity in our in-house analytical laboratories. Together with the physical inspections our Receiving team performs, these analyses allow us to quickly determine if an ingredient will actually be received into our facilities, or rejected. The material is then moved into Quarantine for more in depth testing.


Once an ingredient has been received, inspected, and accepted, samples make their way to our in-house laboratories for more thorough testing and analysis.

Many tests are performed in our in-house facilities, and we also send out samples of all materials to highly regarded third party testing facilities to ensure accurate and reliable results.

These tests they perform include screening to ensure the absence of adulterants and contaminants, and analyses to verify identity and potency.

MANUFACTURING AND GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices)

After the testing, screening and analyses are complete, our ingredients are ready for the manufacturing process. Ingredients are verified by production staff in conjunction with quality assurance staff and then matched to the Batch Production Record. Once everything has been checked and double-checked, production staff initiate the production run, which is monitored from start to finish.

With so many different ingredients and variables involved in the production of health and beauty products, establishing and maintaining consistent, reproducible manufacturing processes is a must. This is where GMPs, or good manufacturing practices, make a huge difference.

Elite Health Partners is compliant with the Food and Drug Administration’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices, or cGMP. Introduced in 2007, federal cGMPs are published federal requirements for companies engaging in the manufacture, packaging, labeling or holding of dietary supplements.

These cGMP requirements assure the proper design, monitoring and control of manufacturing processes and facilities. They also establish minimum requirements for sanitation, record-keeping, packaging and labeling operations, and more.

Our adherence to manufacturing GMPs, our insistence on choosing only the best ingredients, and our commitment to testing and safety are what set us apart from other manufacturers.


Federal cGMPs require manufacturers to adhere to stringent minimum levels of cleanliness and sanitation. We go far beyond established minimums to ensure the cleanliness of our facilities and equipment.

We perform environmental testing to ensure proper air quality and to control cross-contamination. Manufacturing equipment is swabbed to check for contaminants and to ensure cleanliness. We perform a highly specialized ATP (adenosine triphosphate) sampler test that allows us to screen for allergens and microbes. Rooms that house manufacturing equipment are designed to control cross-contamination and are specially built to allow for comprehensive cleaning of ceilings, walls and floors.

At Elite Health Partners, hygiene, cleanliness and sanitation are taken into account throughout every step of the manufacturing process.


Once the final products have been inspected and approved by quality control, they’re released into inventory and added to the appropriate stocking bay in our state-of-the-art distribution facilities. The inventory level for the product is updated, and the finished products are now available for purchase.


The manufacturing process isn’t complete once the finished products are produced. Once the finished goods have moved out of manufacturing, our production staff thoroughly cleans the room and equipment to prevent any cross-contamination with the next production run. Our production rooms are designed, so the entire room, including ceiling, walls, and floors, can be thoroughly cleansed and sanitized.

Manufacturing equipment is disassembled, cleaned, and then reassembled. Depending on the next production run, adjustments may be needed. Everything is documented, so we can go back and review processes and procedures, not only when an issue occurs, but also for the purpose of training and improving both individual and team skills and knowledge.

We put a lot of time, effort and resources into the manufacturing of our health and beauty products, and we take the necessary steps to ensure quality at every step of the production process.

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